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This ask has been burning my inbox for some time now, but I have so so many thoughts about this. Thanks a lot for the ask!! When we are first introduced to this character, it is with this shot: someone looking down over an affected corpse with gentle concern. This is not the face of a strict man constrained by principles. This is someone who cares. But what truly did it for me was when he implicitly defends Meng Yao in front of all the sect disciples.

He judges Meng Yao for his actions—and sees a bright, fair-spoken man, and tells him so. He is, after all, the only emotional connection to Lan Wangji. His death would surely have meant a lot to LWJ. I could weep with how understanding this man is. Lan Xichen questions who is right, because:. But how that both their judgements are called into question because surely one of them must be wronghe urges LWJ to be reasonable:. But he wishes to test the method on himself first, to confirm that he was truly wrong.

I can understand why this is frustrating to some people, and it would have changed the narrative if Lan Xichen had been more decisive. We already knowso his hesitation seems to just slow the narrative. Anonymous sent a message. Kindness When we are first introduced to this character, it is with this shot: someone looking down over an affected corpse with gentle concern.

Fairness I could weep with how understanding this man is.Years later, when Lan Xichen revealed the truth of his father's actions to Wei Wuxian, he asked him if his father's actions were right, seeming at a loss to explain them himself.

Although Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji were only allowed to see their mother once a month, both looked forward to every visit. Lan Xichen fondly remembered his mother as a gentle woman, and admitted that he did not want to know why she had once killed a man.

He taught his nephews strictly so that they would not follow in their father's footsteps. Lan Xichen was quite close to his younger brother. He seemed able to sense much of Lan Wangji's feelings despite his brother's stoic face, such as sensing that Lan Wangji wished for Wei Wuxian to accompany them to Caiyi Town.

Lan Xichen originally treated Wei Wuxian with his typical kindness and generosity, [3] even dismissing his claim to have forgotten his sword as a mistake of his youth. However, Lan Xichen later attended the Pledge Conference at Nightless City to swear an oath against Wei Wuxian, alongside the rest of the cultivation society.

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Knowing his brother's reticence, he even explained their family situation to Wei Wuxian, concerned that Lan Wangji would never tell him. However, after he realized that Wei Wuxian truly had not known, his anger abated. He then interacted with Wei Wuxian as an ally at the Guanyin Temple. Lan Xichen was extremely close to his youngest sworn brother; the two met regularly to night-hunt [7] and plan events in the cultivation world.

Lan Xichen never disparaged Jin Guangyao nor his mother for her fate as a prostitute, [9] [6] and though he knew of certain unsavory deeds, he always believed Jin Guangyao had his reasons for doing them.

As the depths of Jin Guangyao's crimes were revealed, however, Lan Xichen's trust slowly ebbed, despite his continued determination to hear Jin Guangyao's side.

Lan Xichen had a close relationship with his elder sworn brother. Lan Xichen often played Cleansing to soothe Nie Mingjue's saber spirit, though he later allowed Jin Guangyao to take over the duty. Still, Wei Wuxian suspected that Lan Xichen had done so with the hope that the two of his sworn brothers could mend their relationship.

During the traumatic events of the Guanyin Temple, Lan Xichen displayed some impatience with Nie Huaisang's theatrics. Sign In Don't have an account?

lan xichen

Start a Wiki.Noting the Emperor's Smile in Lan Wangji 's hands, Lan Xichen warns him not to allow "what happened last time" to "happen again," staring at the position just under his brother's collarbone. Wei Wuxianmeanwhile, reflects on the stories of Lan An and Qingheng-Junthinking that respite the Gusu Lan Sect 's strict rules, many of its clan are quite romantic.

Inside the gentian cottage, Wei Wuxian examines Lan Wangji's carefully dried herb peony bookmark.

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He also comments that Lan Xichen has received quite a shock. Lan Wangji expresses confidence that now that Lan Xichen has seen evidence, he will not tolerate it. Wei Wuxian silently wonders why Lan Wangji keeps Emperor's Smile in his room, and if he should apologize for the forehead ribbon incident.

When he drinks the alcohol, however, he discovers that there is only water inside. These are in fact the same jars he switched out for water upon his first days in the Cloud Recesses. The two venture over to the Hanshi, where Lan Xichen permits them to observe his conversation with the intruder: Jin Guangyao. Jin Guangyao returns the Jade Token Lan Xichen had once given him to travel freely into the Cloud Recesses, insisting that since it has failed this time, it is time to return it.

Jin Guangyao says that while he has not permitted anyone to search the Cloud Recesses for Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian, it would probably be best to allow people inside for a couple of hours to quash their suspicions. Sensing Lan Xichen's worry, he then attempts to reassure Lan Xichen that his brother has done nothing unforgivable, and that once the truth is revealed, he will not allow anyone to spread rumors about Lan Wangji.

First, however, they must cleanse the Burial Mounds. Since the fight at Carp Towerstrange things have been happening around the areas Moling, Lanling, and Yunmeng. Graves have been destroyed and the corpses have disappeared. Certain signs show that large groups of Fierce Corpses are traveling toward Yiling. He instructs Jin Guangyao to wait for him in the Yashi.

He assures them that if his sworn brother really holds other intentions, he will not tolerate it. Wei Wuxian laughs, noting that animals usually flee from him.

Lan Wangji shakes his head, knowing that the animals only flee because Wei Wuxian teases them first. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Lan Xichen was removed from his mother's care as soon as he was born. Since his father Qingheng-Jun was in seclusion, he was raised by his uncle Lan Qiren. Lan Qiren was a strict instructor for Lan Xichen and his younger brother Lan Wangjias he was determined that his nephews would not repeat their father's errors. They eagerly anticipated the one day every month that they were allowed to see their mother. Unfortunately, Lan Xichen was less than nine years old when Lan Qiren informed them that they had no need to visit her anymore; their mother had died.

As he was a couple years older than his brother, Lan Xichen was not a part of the class attended by Wei WuxianJiang ChengNie Huaisangand others. Still, upon meeting Wei Wuxian, Lan Xichen sensed that his brother wished to invite him to investigate the appearance of Water Ghosts in Caiyi Town with them, and promptly invited them himself. Once they investigated the nearby Biling Lake, the ghosts were revealed to stem from a Waterborne Abyssa particularly difficult creature to subdue.

Concern at the severity of Wei Wuxian's injuries, Lan Xichen informed him that he would heal quicker if he used the Cloud Recesses' cold springs. According to a dream of Lan Wangji's, he appeared to have sought out Lan Xichen after Wei Wuxian gifted him two rabbits, claiming that he had promised to take care of them. Lan Xichen warned his brother not to let them affect his studies, nor to tell Lan Qiren that Wei Wuxian had given them.

Lan Xichen always practiced Cleansing in his mother's cottage. He commanded that they burn their residence so that it could be "reborn from the firelight," and broke Lan Wangji's leg when he refused.

lan xichen

Lan Xichen ultimately fled to save the most precious scrolls from their library, [7] his father was so severely injured that he languished into a coma [8] for a while before dying.

Lan Xichen was ultimately rescued by Jin Guangyaothen Meng Yao, in circumstances that he humorously referred to as "the shame of a lifetime. Meng Yao did the washing instead, concerned that someone else might recognize the cloud patterns and endanger Lan Xichen.

After the fighting in Gusu settled down, Lan Xichen left Lan Qiren to defend the area and traveled to aid others. He saved many lives, assisted narrow escapes, and reclaimed much lost territory. His name alone was enough to inspire hope in the cultivators who fought. Lan Xichen often stopped by Hejian to rest after escorting cultivators between missions. While there, he discovered that Meng Yao had become Nie Mingjue 's right-hand man.

Noticing that other cultivators refused to drink the tea Meng Yao provided, Lan Xichen pointedly thanked Meng Yao and drank a sip before speaking to Nie Mingjue.

When Lan Xichen spoke with Meng Yao in private, he inquired if Meng Yao's wish to earn a place in his father 's sect still stood. Nie Mingjue then entered and announced that he would write the letter the next day. When he asked how Lan Xichen and Meng Yao knew each other, Lan Xichen declined to answer, mysteriously referring to it as the "shame of a lifetime. Lan Xichen arrived to assist Langya a few days after Meng Yao's flight. He was surprised to hear Nie Mingjue's story that Meng Yao murdered an abusive commander, though he considered that there might be a misunderstanding, and added that it was hard to assign fault during war.

Lan Xichen began to receive letters from a spy inside Nightless Citycontaining vital information.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply".

Lan Xichen remains seated. His gaze remains trained on the far wall. His chest rises and falls steadily in deep, calming breaths. The blush on his cheeks has deepened, now. Nie Mingjue and Nie Huaisang were raised separately, but when Nie Huaisang becomes a successful webcomic artist, they finally get to know each other properly.

lan xichen

This can only mean one thing: shameful and forbidden infatuation. Update: chapter two, in which Nie Huaisang makes a big confession, and Nie Mingjue staunchly refuses to do bad things to him. Excerpt: Lan Xichen could spend hours and days meditating and trying to reorient many of his memories around his two new truths: his two sworn brothers believed he'd been in a relationship with his brother, and Jin Guangyao had been betraying him the entire time.

It hurt. But he considered this exercise as akin to lancing a wound to encourage healing. Only, some part of himself knew he was only driving in the needle again and again and never allowing himself time to heal at all. He wasn't making himself better, only worse. This is, ultimately, a story about family. About struggling with depression, grief, the aftermath of betrayal, struggling to accept two conflicting sides to the same story, and - growth, recovery. During the guest disciples' stay in Cloud Recesses young Lan Zhan gets turned into a cat by a curse from an unexpected source.

Wei Wuxian tries his best to help, after he was done laughing. As conspicuous as he was with his statuary beauty and upright posture, few would expect him to be here, handling a cheap comb in an unassuming inn, in unassuming company. Set during those 3 months Lan Xichen was in hiding with Meng Yao's help. Just a small scene about hair care and courting. I read 'The price of victory' and asked the author if I could do a sequel, and I got permission.Disclaimer : This is just some lighthearted fun, I love all of these characters very much!

One of my favourite Untamed moments of NHS so far is the soft smile of "ah, home sweet home" while everybody else are clearly "is the Unclean Realm a supervillain lair? Nie Huaisang shrugged. After a while, he looked up and noticed that Baxia was propped up on the table next to him, dripping blood into his bowl.

Definitely human, too.

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There was no apparent source for it. You and Wei Wuxian both turned green. You know what happens to little boys that lose their temper. Jiang Cheng looked at him, then back at a smiling Nie Huaisang, then back again.

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Drowned kittens, run over puppies, that sort of thing. Do you want to pet some of them before they go? Lan Xichen had put him on his back, while Jin Guangyao carried Baxia, his fingers dipping down to caress the blade every few minutes. I just meant that it would be nice if we had a guide — ah! It bit me!

lan xichen

Lan Xichen frowned thoughtfully and looked ahead, then turned to go down another fork. Why do you — no. Who would do that? Nie Mingjue always did say Baxia had a better sense of direction than he did. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. I made more because you seemed to like the others and because I wanted to Disclaimer : This is just some lighthearted fun, I love all of these characters very much!

DO NOT REPOST fytheuntamed mdzsnet the untamed chen qing ling cql wei wuxian lan wangji lan xichen jin guangyao wangxian mo dao zu shi mdzs mdzsedit maigifs maiedits my gifs mdzsnet one year event. Jin Guangyao, to his hostages : Okay, listen up, assholes. Xichen's having a weird day the untamed jin guangyao lan xichen incorrect quotes misty posts misty talks the untamed.

Jiang Cheng smacked him. He stared for a while, then went to find Nie Mingjue. Show me the way.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Yunmeng was famed for its Red Light District. Lan Xichen planned to indulge them for no more than half an hour and leave as soon as he saw the first opportunity. But after glimpsing the boy through the red light of the window, Lan Xichen wasn't so sure anymore.

My whole world shaken up. I couldn't hold myself or my thoughts even though we're two strangers met under as weird situation as possible. The question 'Who is he? They are two different people with different voices but the way they pronounces my name is same.

I"m worried about him. I wanna help him at the cost of my own life but why? Just Why?

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He himself is giving up. Now that I know his identity does that make any difference? It's time for your sufferings to end and I will still stand by your side even if you don't want to I'll free you from this world. Although there was nothing between us from the start, I'm ready to write new beginning From all the positive response I've got I'm sure you'll like it too.

Things change. He was always in the background, picking up the pieces of the mess someone else left behind. He was the second choice, the spare, dispensable. The same story but told through the eyes of Jiang Cheng and his relationship with Lan Xichen. Will follow a more similar structure to The Untamed rather than the novel due to its lack of chronology. Jiang Cheng stared blearly at the unfamiliar smiling man across from him.

His temples were throbbing much worse now than they had been before…before Lan Xichen was living his life in Yunmeng Jiang's Lotus Pier after getting out of his seclusion and this is his story there. Some of them are posted in my Tumblr tsukishima They have a little game they started playing. Whoever gets to untie the other's ribbon first will be the "king.

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Lan Xichen is a regular visitor of Yunmeng. What happens between the two sect leaders at night is something that only the two of them know. Actor Xichen was just waiting for his manager to come to pick him up, he never guessed that there'll be a dog who pooped on his foot. Please wait for a moment okay? He just wanted to ask Jiang Cheng to help him buy tissue or something. Xichen groaned loudly. One to reconcile with his brother and the other with his past mistakes.

He didn't realise he'd also be helping himself. Aquele que chegou mais perto da resposta desapareceu por 13 anos. There was something about this cat that was different than the others Jiang Cheng has seen. She was brought up by the Gusu Lan sect.